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Embedded Software Development Company UK

Development process and practices by us

  • Our focus is always on achieving the best in class UX and we firmly believe that satisfactory client / user experience can improve the levels of engagement.
  • According to us, this is the key performance indicator for a software company.
  • Our agile project management practices will ensure early recognition of the project purpose and value.
  • Our project team will ensure that each iteration is taken care of. Our business analyst and techno - functional consultants will act as bridge between you and the development team and pay attention to all your considerations and changes during development phase. Regular - structured meetings between your small - empowered team and our development team during SDLC and focus on outcome will ensure the project success.
Agile Development Model
Agile and Waterfall development
Agile and Waterfall development
Agile and Waterfall development

Scrum - Agile approach

The Scrum - Agile development process is usually suggested for the kind of projects (mostly product development) with rapidly changing requirements during SDLC. Rather than providing complete, detailed descriptions of how everything needs to be done on a project, considerable parts are left up to the Scrum software development team. Scrum software development moves forward with the series of iterations that we call as sprints. Scrum Master will have the key role to play as a coach to the Scrum Development Team.

Embedded Software Development Company UK

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