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Software Application Migration

One Step Ahead Of Modernization

Business stakeholders keep searching for opportunities to accelerate growth and innovation in their running business. Application Migration & Modernization is the best approach that can turn results into application enhancement and upgrade operational efficiency to remain competitive in the business. Technology or a platform upgradation are likely to create integrational tensions in terms of protecting the business data, usability of the new application and look & feel for the users. Application Migration & Modernization requires highly creative team with critical engineering skills and detail oriented approach while migrating the existing application into another platform or technology. They need to ensure that all connections with the organizational perspective remains uninterrupted and the migrated-redesigned application is complimented as the "enhanced user experience".

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We offer the following services:

  • Integrates Legacy Systems
  • Software migration service
  • Migration of systems,Replace a legacy system
  • Application Modernization Assessment
  • Application Rationalization
  • Application Re-engineering
  • zSOA Transformation
  • Application Migration
  • ASP to ASP.NET Migration
  • VB to VB.NET Migration
  • Legacy to .NET Migration
  • PHP Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Field Remediation
  • Effective IP Protection
  • Migration within platforms
  • Migration across platforms
  • Model Driven Application Modernization
  • HTML based 'generated' Documentation
  • Efficient knowledge transfer
  • Design centric approach ensures better solution
  • Smooth & transparent operations
  • Service is in line with SLAs
  • Migration and upgrades of RDBMS: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Customized solutions for customer-specific components / requirements
  • Preparation of business process flows and regression test cases as part of testing
  • Pilot or Proof of Concept (PoC) or Proof of Technology to evaluate solution options


We hold expertise in:

Microsoft Technologies:

Open Source Technologies:

Mobile Technologies:

Other Technologies:

Android Application Development
Java Web Development
Node JS Web Development
CSS3 Web Development
Iphone Application Development
HTML5 Web Development
JavaScript Web Development
ASP.NET Web Development
Angular Js Web Development
Database Management