Shaligram Infotech AngularJS | Software Product Development Company
  • AngularJS is an open-source web application framework maintained by Google and by a community of individual developers and corporations.
  • These individuals take care of the challenges that occur while developing single-page applications.
  • The major aim of AngularJS is to simplify the jobs of the developers as well as the testers by providing a framework for client-side model-view-controller (MVC) and model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) architectures. Not only this, but it also uses components that are used in rich internet applications. Our services included Web applications, web software,API integrations.
  • The AngularJS library first reads the HTML page, which has custom tag attributes embedded into it.
  • The input or output parts of the page to a model is represented by standard JavaScript variables, whose values can be set within the code, or retrieved from static or dynamic JSON resources.
  • AngularJS is used by very many websites and many others are considering it for the usage of their websites.


We offer the following services:
  Web applications   Mobile apps
  Web software   Real-time applications
  RESTful apps   UX for software
  Software UI   API integrations
  Data-rich applications   Scalable applications
  Lightweight and robust   Mobile responsive

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