Loan management portal with simplified loan application and disposal process.

A web-based application that lets customers apply for loans by filling in the form. It simplifies the whole loan application process for customers while streamlines the reviewal and disposal process for the lender.  


Asp.Net MVC



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United States


The loan application form includes broker details, company details, personal information, and business-related security questions, solicitor details and signature. The filled application form is viewed/approved by higher authority. Here the customer is required to submit all valid documents for verification. The application form will go for further process by higher authority once all the documents are submitted by the customers.


After analyzing the client’s business, our team started with POC work to design proper workflow of the web application. We came up with an MVP version that satisfied the requirements of all stakeholders. Based on that, we developed a web application with intuitive UI and distinctive features. Some of top functionalities we included in there were: 

Core Features

The client was able to easily manage the life cycle of the loan with the loan management system. The application simplified the process of loan application approval and made it easy for their team to track repayments from customers. Key features of it were:

Snapshots Of Application